A single blue and transparent panel amongst tall plants

Garden Glass

The glass panels perform like a durable painting that can either subtly enhance your planting scheme or act as a focal point. No-one else will have a panel the same as yours. The abstract patterns rely upon either vibrant or subtle colour combinations. The patterns either gently curve or follow a soft geometrical design. The glass changes colour and transparency depending on the light conditions. The glass can withstand most weather conditions and look stunning in rain, frost and snow.

Each panel varies in height, and they fall into two categories;

They can be EITHER supplied with stainless steel stands, which go into the ground (the overall height will diminish by about 20cm) OR they can be in slate blocks, which can be placed in the garden or on a smooth surface. e.g. paving. Plus the above can be designed to have a hole for hanging on a wall instead of a stand.

We would be very happy to make a panel to order, subject to glass availability. We are happy for you to visit and discuss, please telephone in advance to arrange times. Please be aware it will not be an exact copy, but a unique interpretation.

Please note that all prices do not include delivery and packaging cost, this will have to be added on unless you arrange to collect from our workshop.

All glass can be adapted to hang on the walls of your home or to be put in your garden