Photo of Amanda Noble Photo of Amanda's glass work situated amongst flowers

About Amanda Noble

My love and fascination with the visual world originates from my grandfather and his workshop, which intrigued me as a child. He must have spent many content hours sculpting, painting and making silver jewellery.

My grandmother's love of her garden and her obsession with nurturing her plants and wildlife, is the other side of me. My garden is not as controlled as my grandmothers, but it feeds and is the inspiration for my artwork.

I love combining the two elements of art and garden together, mixing the intrinsic shapes and the natural beautiful colours with the fabulous colours of the glass. As well as the abstract glass pieces, I also create panels with motifs; like flowers, butterflies, boats and birds. The glass is either supported in steel or slate or the smaller pieces can be hung from trees. I always feel I have new ideas to explore and ideas to further develop.

The glass goes further than the garden and enriches anyone's home whether hung in windows or against walls and adds a unique sparkle to your room. I also make wall hangings from recycled jars and bottles and have a wide range of unique necklaces and smaller glass hangings.

My other role is that of a busy Art teacher, nurturing and encouraging young artists to express and explore their own talents.

My passions, like most people do not stop there and to truly relax me I love walking in the quiet hills of Scotland exploring areas that I have never been to before. My heart does, (please excuse the cliché), lie in the countryside and my connection to it has always been there from my childhood.

My business partner and sounding board is my father. My mother and my family are my integral support system.

I hope you enjoy my glass work as much as I do.